1.6 million euros granted through DFG Emmy Noether program

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We’re delighted to share that Prof. Dr. Alessandro Del Vecchio, the head of our N-squared Lab at FAU, has secured a significant 1.6 million euros in funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for his exciting Emmy Noether project, DeMOTUS!

What’s DeMOTUS all about? Prof. Del Vecchio and his team are on a mission to decode the intricate dance between our central nervous system and muscles during movement. Using an innovative intramuscular electromyographic sensor, he aims to unravel the neural code, focusing on motor units – the key players in muscle force.

Over the next six years, this research promises to not only broaden our understanding of human movement but also pioneer new possibilities in neurorehabilitation. Imagine a tiny sensor, as thin as a hair, offering unprecedented insights into the last neural cells controlling muscle forces, potentially decoding the final secrets of movement!

Most importantly, DeMOTUS isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about impact. The insights gained will drive the development of revolutionary technologies, including robotic orthoses and artificial hands. This could mean a world of difference for individuals with neural lesions from stroke or spinal cord injuries.

We extend our gratitude to every member of our N-squared team, with special appreciation for Marius Oßwald and Dominik Braun, for their invaluable contributions and support throughout the application process.