Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing (N-squared) Laboratory!

Welcome to the Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing (N-squared) Lab!

The Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing (N-squared) laboratory aims at deciphering neuromuscular function and developing human-machine interfaces for neurorehabilitation and restoring of motor function. Our lab activities are focused on the acquisition and analysis of neural signals with high spatial and temporal resolution (matrix arrays) from the central and peripheral nervous system of human and non-human primates as well as other animal species.

The N-squared group was founded by Prof. Alessandro Del Vecchio in 2020.


We're delighted to share that Prof. Dr. Alessandro Del Vecchio, the head of our N-squared Lab at FAU, has secured a significant 1.6 million euros in funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for his exciting Emmy Noether project, DeMOTUS! What's DeMOTUS all about? Prof. Del Vecchio and hi...

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We were delighted to host Prof. Demetris Soteropoulos from Newcastle University during his visit to our lab from the 16th of July to the 22nd of July. Prof. Soteropoulos is an expert in the bilateral organization of the motor system and the coordination of spinal circuits for voluntary movements....

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