PhD Students

Carolyn Riera

PhD Student in Medicine

Motor Unit Behavior in Spinal Cord Stimulation

Charlotte Pradel, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Construction of a bionic hand controlled using hand gesture recognition based on surface EMG signals.

Devon Rohlf, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Neural Interface for the Paralyzed Human Hand with Intramuscular Electrode Arrays

Dominik Braun, M.Sc.

PhD Student

High Bandwidth Brain-Machine-Interfaces for Paralyzed Individuals: A User-Centric Approach with Adaptive Calibration

Farnaz Rahimi, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Classification of hand movements and force estimation of fingers when grasping objects using EMG signals and deep learning methods (CNN and LSTM)

Marius Oßwald, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing

Raul C. Sîmpetru, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Restoration of hand function in patients with neuromuscular impairments through an intelligent neuroorthosis

Vlad Cnejevici, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Lower-limb neuroorthosis for paraplegic individuals using EMG signals with machine and deep learning methods

Yannick Finck, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Restoring Hand Function in Upper-Limb Impairments: Neuromuscular Analysis of Haptic Feedback and Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Motor Neurons

Current Students

Visiting Researchers

Ambra Tosi

Master's Thesis

Improvement of a Blind Source Separation Technique in Surface Electromyography Specially Developed for Tetraplegics

Arianna Masarin

Student Project

Flexible motor unit control

Juan Sanchez Valdepeñas, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Neuromuscular analysis and acute effects of different contraction configurations

Manasavee Yimyam

PhD Student

Neural Interfacing by decoding spinal motoneuron activities in SCI patients