Congratulations to Vlad Cnejevici for finishing his Master’s Thesis!

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We congratulate Vlad Cnejevici on completing his master’s thesis titled “Comparative Analysis and Optimization of AI models for Hand Movement Estimation using HD-sEMG”!

Estimating the hand position reliably from surface Electromyography signals is of utmost importance to any prosthesis or exoskeleton user in regaining his independence in daily life. For this reason, Vlad investigated the performance of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in estimating hand kinematics during different hand gestures and individual finger flexion movements. He evaluated the robustness of these models using data from multiple healthy subjects and analyzed the differences between the models.

We congratulate him on his exceptional work and eagerly anticipate his research on AI performance in lower-limb intent detection as a PhD student in our lab! We wish him good luck and great success!